Golf club refinishing at affordable prices. We expertly supply all types of golf club refinishing. We can refinish any type of club including wood, stainless steel, and titanium. We check the condition of your club and can perform many types of golf club repair. Are you taking adequate care of them? Clubs that are well maintained will function better, plus a well-cared-for appearance will boost confidence! Do you have any antique clubs? We can refinish your antique clubs and make them a treasured addition to your showcase.

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K&J Metal Refinishing and Tiger Nick are not the same company.

Black Oxide and Raw Finishes

  • More Control
  • Lighter Head - gives you more club speed and increases distance
  • Will Rust
  • More Maintenance after each round - wipe down with oil rag


  • Chrome
  • Tour Chrome (brushed)
  • Black Chrome
  • Flat Black Chrome
  • Nickel
  • Copper
  • Black Oxide (will rust)
  • Raw (will rust)
  • Tumbled
  • Refinish Stainless Steel

    All PING Irons (copper beryllium as well)

    To give you that personal touch, any paint fill color

    (a small fee for 3 or more colors)

    Chrome Plated Irons

    • Remove head from shaft
    • Strip off old chrome
    • Remove nicks and buff
    • Chrome-plate and sandblast face
    • Re-install head on shaft
    • Paint fill all engravings
      (red, black or specify other)

    Stainless Steel Irons

    • Remove head from shaft
    • Remove nicks and buff
    • Sandblast face
    • Re-install head on shaft
    • Paint fill all engravings
      (red, black or specify other)

    Other Services

    • Re-grooving
    • Re-shafting
    • Re-gripping
    • Loft Lie Adjustments
    • Adjust Length of Shaft

Do you want to spin the ball like the pros?

We can transform your traditional "V" grooves on your irons to box grooves, giving you 10% more spin. Also improves control and direction!

"Research has proven that golfers lose almost 80 percent of their shots to par inside of 100 yards from the hole".

How many shots are your wedges costing you?

Intelligent Design Series Wedge Treatment

Our process is to mill (port) 6 holes in the back of the club muscle, raising the center of gravity. This moves the sweet spot to the center of the club, raising the center of gravity, just where it should be, giving your ball a lower more penetrating flight with a piercing trajectory and adding more control.

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Household items

We specialize in the polishing, buffing and lacquering of a wide variety of parts and can provide metal restoration cleaning.

Additional services include indoor and outdoor household items including home hardware, handrails, lamps, candlesticks, chandeliers and much more. We copper, nickel and chrome plate, and even do minor repairs when necessary. We can provide on-site service to our customers in northern Ohio.

Have a boat?

We can do all your boating parts including helmsman wheel, compass, portholes, cleats, bells, horns, and even the anchor. If re-plating is what you need, we copper, nickel and chrome plate. We also offer on-site work – we will come to your boat and do the work. We can provide on-site service to our customers in northern Ohio.

No polishing job is too small or too large for us to handle.

Our combined years of experience allow us to provide the quality you deserve. We will even do minor repairs when necessary to give your piece a quality look. We also offer local pickup and delivery and we are able to work on-site in the Northern, Ohio, area.

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